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Here are some of the technology companies I've worked with:

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"Genius publicist, Darren Cottom is one of the finest public relations professionals that I've ever worked with. Style and grace define his work. He is a delight to work with and the results are amazing."

Kevin Jens Cox, Vice President, Marketing, Hazelcast

"I have had the pleasure of working with Darren at several companies. He is a master at engaging the right editors and securing excellent coverage to raise market awareness and feed companies' marketing strategies. Working with Darren is simple and effective."

Andrea Skov, Innovative International Marketing and Business Executive

“Darren is an extremely capable and resourceful marketing and PR consultant -- highly recommended.”
 Howard Green, VP Marketing, Azul Systems


“I have hired Darren Cottom twice before. He has always returned a solid result and has significant contacts in the IT space in the UK. I consider Darren to be very personable and reliable, and recommend him wholeheartedly.”
Patrick Conte, Global Head of Field Operations, Chief Revenue Officer, FixStream


“I´ve had the great opportunity to work with Darren on a number of international projects where he has been instrumental carrying out excellent services in the field of marketing communications. Darren has always delivered great knowledge and results. With Darren on board, I feel confident when rolling out PR activities for our mutual clients. Besides expertise, Darren brings an easy-going likeable style to the table.”
Jonas Paulsrud, Komihag PR

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