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Crow's flying

For many years Crow Public Relations has been taking clients under its wing and offering sound, practical strategic advice and implementation at competitive rates.


Crow Public Relations is experienced in the field of B2B technology and has achieved hands-on results in numerous sectors including aerospace, automotive, electronics, engineering, IoT,
manufacturing, marketing, mobile, security, telecommunications.


Every brief is different and Crow Public Relations has the ability to bring in senior communications consultants when necessary. For each client, teams are hand-picked to best suit the assignment and industry sector. Crow Public Relations is headed up by...

  • Media Relations

  • Analyst Relations

  • Copywriting

  • ​Social Media

  • Digital Campaigns

  • Brand Building

  • ​Product Launches

  • Customer Events

  • ​Marketing

“It’s better to be an honest crow than a deceitful magpie.”

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